Music Monday: Ab Workout With Paramore

Rise and shine ladies and gentlemen, Music Monday is back and ready to kick your butt (into shape, that is) with this ab workout. Waking up bright and early Monday morning is no easy task, but now that the sun comes up early you have no excuse to stay in bed and sleep the morning away. Get outside as often as possible. The fresh air will help wake you up and get you ready to face the work week.

Whether you walk or run, be sure to incorporate cardio into your workouts at least three times a week to help burn calories and get your body ready for summer and swimsuits. In addition to cardio, it’s super important to work on toning and strengthening your muscles. The more muscle you have, the more quickly your body burns calories so every little bit counts! This week’s Music Monday workout is an awesome ab circuit that will have you crunching your way to a perfectly toned tummy in no time. Combining core exercises with short bursts of cardio will help wake your body up and get your blood pumping.

However – as always – we stress the importance of eating well if you want to get those ab muscles showing. No amount of cardio or crunches will get you a ripped tummy if you are consistently eating unnatural foods or even overeating normally healthy foods. (Ahem, we are looking at you self-processed Peanut Butter addicts!)

No more excuses, get out of bed and get your butt to the gym! Get ready for an awesome workout you will absolutely love. Fight the burn and try to complete the circuit two or three times through. Take short breaks in between exercises if you need to and remember, it’s almost bikini season so get those beach bodies ready! Happy Monday everyone, let’s get crunching to Ain’t it Fun? by Paramore!

The Beat:

The Workout:

music monday ab workout

Do you workout in the morning or at night?

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