Celebrate Thirsty Thursday With These Fresh Cantaloupe-Mint Mojitos

Thirsty Thursday is officially here and what better way to celebrate this summer than a refreshing cantaloupe-mint mojito recipe? The taste is light and sweet while making sure to utilize added fruit for an extra kick of flavor.

So, what will you need besides cantaloupe and mint? Rum, simple syrup, lime and club soda. The best part of this drink is that you probably already have the majority of these ingredients lying around your kitchen or pantry. This alone makes the cocktail easy to make and super inexpensive.

Make a pitcher tonight or save this trusty recipe for the upcoming weekend. The drink is easily customizable, and thanks to the perfectly sweet yet tart taste, we promise you and your friends will find this one impossible to resist.

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Would you try this cantaloupe mint mojito recipe tonight?

Featured image via Flickr



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