15 Best Fruits To Eat For A Slimmer Waist

If there is one thing I am totally against, it’s advice saying that those who want to lose weight should completely and totally forgo any and all fruits because they’re “all sugar”.

While yes, they are packed with fructose, they are also chockfull of fiber which helps regulate blood sugar and digestion while making you feel full. In all honesty, it is much, much better to satisfy your sweet tooth with a cup of grapes than to go over the edge by denying yourself fruit only to binge on movie theatre candy – you know the kind.

When it comes to which fruits are my personal favorites, I would certainly have to go with the basics: berries, grapes, apples and bananas. They make great snacks and breakfast toppers. Can you deny the satisfaction that comes with a big bowl of banana oatmeal and almond butter? What about dipping apple slices into a peanut butter cup? OR the amazing taste of a very berry smoothie?

Despite the fact that I personally do not discriminate, Visualistan has rounded up some of the 15 best fruits conducive to weight loss so you don’t have to worry.

Some of the top picks? Avocados (which I totally forgot was a fruit but have daily!), blueberries, apples, bananas, coconuts, papayas, lemons, cantaloupes and more. The best part is that they are all a necessary part of your diet for other reasons besides just weight loss, too.

For example, did you know that avocados are great for your skin and that blueberries are high antioxidants and help rid the body of toxins? Bananas can actually kill your cravings and tomatoes are packed with vitamin C.

One thing to note, however, is that while dried fruit has been noted among one of the healthier options, this can only be true if you make sure you are consuming dried fruit in the correct serving size and picking an option without any added sugar.

Take a look at the infographic below for the full roundup.

best fruits infographic

Image via Visualistan

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What are some of the best fruits you eat regularly?