How To Beat The Holiday Blues

Holiday Blues

The holiday season is supposed to be a joyous occasion. Spending time with family, reminiscing on good times, and planning for the New Year are all good things. Unfortunately, a lot of stress, anxiety, and depression also happen around the holiday season and to some degree we all have to deal with it. Instead of beating yourself up, be proactive and plan ahead so you can limit your stress. Here are some tips to help you be merry and beat the holiday blues.

Skip the mall

One of the best things about the internet is that you can shop without leaving your house. Every weekend leading up to the holidays the mall is a zoo. There’s no parking, the food court is packed, and the lines are ridiculous. Knowing that the mall will be out of control, try to do all you’re shopping online. You can still get deals and there will be no pushy sales people trying to make you spend more money. Shopping from the comfort of your own home means no drama and no stress.

Set a budget

Everyone wants to buy the best for their family and friends, but it’s a bad idea to go into debt for gifts. Don’t feel bad that you can’t buy that perfect gift that cost a couple hundred dollars. Your loved ones will appreciate you just the same because it’s the thought that counts. Before you start each shopping trip make a budget with every item you want to buy. If not the list, don’t buy it.

Talk about the good times

The holiday season can be a hard time for those who have recently gone through a traumatic experience like the loss of a loved one. Instead of focusing on the loss of a family member, share happy memories. Making new holiday traditions can also help bring any family or group of friends together during times like these.


This isn’t just one you can do during the holidays; it will make you feel better all year round. Helping others you make you feel good. There are many different kinds of volunteer opportunities in your community. Need a place to start? Try, they will match you with a volunteerism that fits your hobbies and interest. The have 80,000 different programs to choose from and have matched 8 million volunteers with programs.

Enjoy everything in moderation

You may be enticed to eat a lot or drink a lot this holiday season, don’t. Over eating will just make you feel bad later when you realize your clothes no longer fit. Drinking excessively will raise your blood pressure, make it harder for you to communicate, and can lead to you getting a cold. Instead of having seconds, take a walk around the party and talk to everyone. If you’re tempted to eat at home start cleaning so you can burn some calories instead.

How do you stay happy for the holidays?

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  1. I don’t understand where this whole “blues” connotation comes from with the holidays! The holidays are always so happy! I love this time of the year because of that! I am stoked to visit home and spend time with my loved ones I don’t see very often anymore. I feel like everyone tends to get HAPPIER this time of year.


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