Daily Bite Wellness Tip: Your Guide To Healthy Food Swaps

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healthy food swaps


Food swapping isn’t necessarily dieting, so don’t freak. All you’re doing is making simple and healthy swaps that will help you lose weight and cut unnecessary calories, while still having a delicious meal. Just by changing a few food items in your daily diet to the healthier versions of those foods, will make such a difference to your waistline and overall health. It is so much harder trying to drastically “diet” by cutting certain foods or food groups out completely. Food swapping allows you to make small changes along the way, and after a while you wont even miss the old stuff! Trust us, it’s way easier than you may think.
Here are our favorite food swaps and some amazing recipes!

Spaghetti squash for Pasta via Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

healthy food swaps

Cauliflower for Pizza Crust via Cooking Classy

healthy food swaps

Greek Yogurt for Sour Cream or Mayo via Damn Delicious 

healthy food swaps

Apple Sauce for Butter via Whole Lifestyle Nutrition

healthy food swaps

Lettuce for Traditional Sandwich Wraps via Pinch of Yum

healthy food swaps

Try some of these super easy swaps too!

  • Whole wheat English muffins for a bagel
  • Dark chocolate for milk or white chocolate
  • Coffee for a latte or frappuccino
  • Ground turkey for ground beef
  • Quinoa for rice
  • Almond milk for cow’s milk
  • Avocado for mayo
  • Banana for eggs


We love to food swap when we can! It’s just an easy way to not over indulge on the calories when we don’t need to. But we’re not telling you that Sunday night dinner at mom’s has to be zucchini noodles (although they are amazing) and salad. Set some goals for yourself and start with the basics. With these simple swaps there’s no reason not to have your cake and eat it too- literally!

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What healthy food swaps do you make? 

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