Gym meets Nightclub: Introducing Party Workouts

After being shackled to your desk for 8+ hours (too dramatic?), choosing between happy hour or heading to the gym often means our sneakers are neglected. And face time at your local gym on the weekends may be a rare occasion because of the endless opportunities to, well, not workout. While plenty of us are forgoing happy hour to fit in our fitness, now there is no need to flip a coin that decides your fate to head to the gym or out with your friends. Thanks to the new party workouts you can burn calories while partying the night away and the decision of what to do is made easy.

The latest fitness fad is to dress to sweat and head to your nearest nightclub gym. Weird and awesome. Party workouts are redefining an evening or late night workout as they morph the gym and the dance club vibe into one. From bubble machines to glow sticks, to DJ’s with carefully selected tunes and even a waiting list to get in…party workouts are mimicking the club scene sans the alcohol. The adrenaline is exercise induced, of course! According to the New York Times, party workouts are bringing in quite the crowd:

Party workouts, as many of them are called, attract a range of fans, including gym regulars warding off workout ennui and recent transplants to New York who don’t want to try to strike up friendships in bars. They also lure time-crunched young professionals who have outgrown the club scene — but whose idea of a good night out is a little racier than dinner and a movie.”

I’ve never seen anyone fighting over a treadmill before, but party workouts have a huge following of an enthused crowd battling for a spot in line to partake in the workouts that fuse heart-pumping cardio, the best new music, antioxidant shots and gym-tinis (chilled martini glasses with vitamin water). The “parties” sell out in minutes. No more complaining about going to the gym when instead you can brag about your upcoming attendance at the week’s hottest and most anticipated sweat themed party. It sounds like such a blast, I’m already repeating quotes from the class description to my friends:

The atmosphere may be light-hearted, but the workouts can be some of the week’s most intense. The parties are promoted heavily, and gym owners say that props and party favors, rather than being a distraction, heighten anticipation — and effort.”

The beloved gym of Kim Kardashian, Barry’s Bootcamp, hosts a Saturday night “Dance Party” which mixes treadmill sprints and toning. If spin is more your thing, SoulCycle hosts a weekend candle lit ride that is tougher to get into than some of NYC’s #1 clubs. And the party workout trend is popping up beyond the city. In Houston you can hit up the elliptical by day and learn all of the hottest dance moves by night at Nightclub Cardio.

I thought working out like a rock star was enough, but I guess we need more chances to bring our social and fitness lives together. It’s the party high you need with zero regrets. Except for maybe that you weren’t decked out enough for the theme. But, you live and learn, right?

I know all of you don’t live in NYC where some of the gym-club magic is happening, but you can definitely get your own group together and make this fitness themed party happen. Merging friends and fitness together on a Saturday night. Perfect.

So, shall we get our party on together? I think so! Tell what you think below.

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  1. I’m dying to go to one of the SoulCycle “parties”! I heard Lady Gaga started doing them with her dancers to train for her upcoming tour. Seeing as it’s basically a life goal of mine to have a body like a backup dancer, I think it’s the perfect fit.

    • Definitely want to see a celeb when I am looking my best…after a hard workout. Can I have your autograph please?? You are well on your way to getting the bod of a backup dancer!

  2. I want to do this SO BAD it hurts! haha! Party Workouts take my zumba classes to the next vand then some =) So so so brilliant!!! Obviously my tiny po-dunk town in NC will be the last to benefit from this but I may need to seek these parties out when I travel! =) Dancing kept me UBER fit in college and its my cardio of choice these days too!

    • I’m pretty sure your itty bitty town in NC is the next place to have a fitness party following…you can so make this happen. You are the WIAW genius after all. I’ll fly in. Swear! 🙂

    • Haha. Nothing wrong with a little flashback. I doubt they ended their dance parties with antioxidant shots…that is a new century kind of thing!

  3. This is brilliant-tho I’d still be inclined for a glass of vino post-workout. Here in Los Angeles I have a group thatdoes the Griffith Park night hikes the Sierra Club leads. Not a “party” atmosphere but we get our social time and our workout at night…

    • That sounds fun! I love interesting group activities…and the change of scenery sounds awesome. I did see a couple party workouts that served some champagne after!

  4. Well, I haven’t been to a night club in years, so not sure this would be my thing LOL! But I know a lot of people who would totally love this idea!

    I’m trying a Burlesque Bootcamp class later this week. We’re supposed to dress for working out, but encouraged to wear something that feels a bit sexy and bring a pair of high heels.
    I’ll let you know how it turns out!


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