Fave Things Friday: 3 Items for a Happy Desk

3 Products to a Happy Desk

It’s Friday which means most of us are physically at work, but mentally we are just making a presence. On average we spend at least 8 hours a day at our workplace so your desk is more than just a desk…it is a home away from home.

Transform your desk into a place you want to be even when your mind is in weekend mode with 3 desk items that will make you (and your co-workers) all smiles.

1. Alligator Staple Remover from Catching Fireflies 

Your staple remover can show your personality too! gator Adopt a gator to keep yourself from breaking your fingernails when you try to remove staples. It is like the adult version of Hungry, Hungry Hippos…sort of. ($8.95)

alligator staple remover

2. Bright Sunshine Tape Dispenser from Etsy

When you have to put in the late hours, some brightness on your desk can instantly change your mood. We love this vintage tape dispenser because it is petite and perfect. ($8.00)

yellow tape dispenser

3. Wall Organization from Urbio 

One of the many downers of time at your desk is piles upon piles of to-dos. Get organized with urbio—the vertical space saving solution. Beyond storing pend, papers and desk “stuff,” you can add some life to your cube with their many options for potted wall plants. Awesome. ($15-$175)


What happy items do you put on your desk? Are you happy it is Friday



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