Wake up! 7 Weird Reasons You Are Always Tired

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If we had a nickel for every new “energy boosting” food or supplement we heard about, we would [all] be rich! Although the reason you are so tired all the time may sometimes really be from a lack of sleep, it can also be from a number of other reasons you might not have taken into consideration yet. While one of those reasons may be  getting in the proper nutrition, we’ll help get you on the right foot with this easy lunch recipe below and a bevvy of other potential causes.

1. You Aren’t Exercising Enough

It might feel like all you are doing at the gym is expending energy you barely have. But oh, it’s quite the contrary. When you work out, you will actually increase your energy level! Regular exercise will even improve the amount of sleep you get leaving you completely energized in the morning. Of course, just getting yourself to the gym is the hardest part but look no further than our tips right here.

2. You Are Dehydrated

According to Purative, 75% of Americans are dehydrated! You may easily fall into this category and it may be the one answer to your on going fatigue. Giving yourself one glass of water per hour throughout the work day can positively change your energy, mood and concentration!

3. You’re Drinking Too Much Caffeine

Ah, another thing we may all fall into the category of. Give the coffee mug a break– it’s giving you the energy you need and want right now BUT also giving you the crash later. Also, too much caffeine is affecting your sleeping patterns which will obviously have an affect on your energy levels.

4. You Sit Too Much

This is probably a huge factor for you desk job people. We feel you. We are desk people too! Don’t fret. There are plenty of things to do at work that don’t require you to sit. all. day. Standing up and moving for even a few minutes throughout the day will help get the blood pumping, increase the oxygen in your blood, and send more oxygen to your brain. All of which increases energy!

5. You’re Not Snacking Correctly

We’re talking to you vending machine lovers! The quick and convenient bag of chips is not doing anything for your fatigue or waistline. Simple carbohydrates and sugary snacks are filled with empty calories. Instead, opt for a snack high in protein and complex carbohydrates (peanut butter, protein bars, hummus) that’ll leave you energized, awake, and satisfied all afternoon.

6. You Skip Breakfast

After going 6-8 hours without eating during the night, the worst thing you can do is go any longer without nutrients. You would never go that long without eating during the day, right? Start the day feeling alert with some healthy breakfast options such as a fruit smoothie, oatmeal or a veggie omelet. Yum!

7. You Have Too Much Sugar

Those pesky simple carbohydrates (aka sugars) again! White bread, rice, chips and most cereals are made with this energy lowering nutrient. Be sure to replace it with whole grains and hearty carbohydrates so that your blood sugars will stay level, leaving you energized all day.

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