Do You Have A Drinking Problem?


Thirty-two million people in America suffer from alcohol addiction. This means that nearly 10 percent of people in America are alcoholics. Only 2.2 percent of people with an alcohol problem get the help that they need. One of the reasons that people do not get help is because they do not recognize the signs of an alcohol problem. There are several signs that indicate that you have a drinking problem.

You Lie About Your Drinking Habits

Most people who have a drinking problem will lie about their alcohol use. When they are confronted about it, they will deny it. They may also make it seem like their alcohol use is not a big deal. Additionally, they may get hostile if someone confronts them about their drinking problem. Until a person can admit that they have a problem, they will not be able to overcome their alcohol problem.

Trouble with the Law

Alcohol abuse can easily get a person in trouble with the law. For example, they may get arrested for driving under the influence. They may also get arrested for public intoxication. Additionally, many people commit crimes while they are under the influence of alcohol.

Drinking to Cope with Problems

Many people have a glass of wine or beer after they have a long day at work. This may not necessarily be a problem. However, it is unhealthy for a person to drink to cope with depression, anxiety and stress. The alcohol is a form of self-medication. This is a risky habit because people will find themselves having to use more in order to get the same effects.

Relationships Suffer 

Most people who have an alcohol problem will notice that their personal relationships start to suffer. For example, people who have children may find themselves neglecting them. They may also start neglecting their friends. They may find that alcohol is more of a priority to them than their relationships with their family members and friends.

Withdrawal Symptoms 

If you frequently drink alcohol, then your body will eventually become dependent on it. That is why most people who attempt to stop drinking will develop withdrawal symptoms. It is important to note that withdrawal symptoms are not the same as hangover symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms are the body’s response to the lack of alcohol. A hangover occurs as the result of too much alcohol.

Symptoms of withdrawal include anxiety, depression, irritability and fatigue. You may also lose your appetite and have problems sleeping.

Increase in Tolerance

You will eventually develop a tolerance to alcohol if you use alcohol frequently. This means that you will have to drink more of it in order to get drunk. Developing a tolerance to alcohol is a sign that you are an alcoholic.

Poor Performance 

Alcoholism can cause your performance at work and school to suffer. Many people find themselves drinking instead of preparing for work or school. They may also drink instead of going to work and school. Many people have gotten fired or been forced to drop out of school because of their alcohol use.

Health Problems 

Alcohol is considered a toxin. That is why your health will suffer if you keep using alcohol. High blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and heart disease are some of the results of long-term alcohol use. Your appearance may also suffer as the result of alcohol use.

Risky Behavior

Alcohol can lower inhibitions. That is why many people do things under the influence of alcohol that they would not do if they were sober. Drinking and driving is just one example of risky things that people do while they are under the influence of alcohol.

Blacking Out

Many people drink so much that they black out. They likely will not have any memory of what happened while they were drinking. If you drink to the point where you black out, then you most likely have a serious alcohol problem.

Bad Company

If your friends are heavy drinkers, then it is likely that you will be influenced by them. Studies have shown that people who hang around friends with an alcohol problem are more likely to develop one themselves. Many people notice that they do not have anything in common with their friends besides drinking.


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