Daily Bite Wellness Tip: Replace Your Usual Grains With Quinoa

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Daily Bite Wellness Tip Quinoa Replacement

Add it to your salads, mix it in with meats, swap it in instead of your usual rice, and use quinoa flour for healthier, gluten-free baking. There are so many ways to incorporate this ‘superfood’ into your regular diet at least a few times a wee. It can even be popped like popcorn. This ancient favorite of the Peruvian Incas is becoming mainstream once more. With so many health benefits, that is definitely not a surprise.

Quinoa contains so many of the wonderfully healthy things your diet needs every day, it is a complete protein which means it has all nine essential amino acids. Who doesn’t love them some good amino acids?! It’s got about twice as much fiber as the grains you should be replacing it with. Just a reminder, higher fiber for your grains means lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and a lessened chance of heart disease and diabetes for you. Quinoa also contains plenty of iron which increases brain function. The included lysine helps you grow and repair tissue while it magnesium can aid in controlled blood sugar, strong and healthy bones, and less migraines. It is also high in B2 which will keep your energy up and has important antioxidants like manganese.

Not to mention, it’s pretty delicious. Just don’t forget to rinse it thoroughly first!


What is your favorite Quinoa recipe?

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