Daily Bite Wellness Tip: Eat More Kiwi

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Daily Bite Wellness Tip - Eat More Kiwi

Despite how delicious and convenient kiwis are, the nondescript, fuzzy, brown fruit is often overlooked in favor of its bright red, orange, and yellow counterparts. Switch out your morning banana for one or two of these little guys and peel off its rough exterior to revel the intensely green innards of this nutrition powerhouse. Packed with more vitamin C per gram than the popular orange as well as a plethora of flavonoids, kiwis are renowned for their antioxidant qualities. Not only do they protect your DNA from oxygen damage, they can also help protect your skin from early aging as their high concentration of vitamin E fights against the formation of free radicals. So do yourself a favor and slice up a few kiwis for breakfast tomorrow; your body will thank you.

Do you eat kiwi?

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