Daily Bite Wellness Tip: You Deserve That Glass of Red Wine Every Night

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Daily Bite Wellness Tip Wine Benefits

Not just because your boss is the son of a brussels sprout and not just because your children are tiny sociopaths… you deserve it because a glass of red wine is healthy for you in so many ways. Don’t you deserve a fantastically long, fulfilling, and healthy life, anyways? Now keep in mind, no one here is suggesting that you knock back a bottle or so each night, no no… just a glass. Okay? Practice moderation without deprivation!

Red wine will keep you from becoming elderly. Just kidding, no it won’t obviously. However, all of the antioxidants in it will actually slow many signs of aging and, not to mention, help prevent a lot of degenerative illnesses, such as type 2 diabetes. But, the benefits don’t stop there! Specific antioxidants found in red wine have been proven in research studies to aid the prevention of some pretty serious conditions. For example, guercetin helps prevent lung cancer, and resveratrol not only helps prevent cardiovascular disease but also aids with the killing of cancerous cells when combined with radiation therapy.On top of all of that, a glass of red wine a day will help harden your tooth enamel, preventing tooth decay, help prevent gum disease, or even assist in treating it by reducing inflammation. So many reasons to drink up, and smile!

Wow, so are you getting drunk yet? Nope. Just kidding. Remember what we talked about? One glass, not one bottle. Looking for a new way to consume your wine on the weekends? Try these sangria recipes.


What is your favorite healthy meal to go with your glass of red wine?

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