Daily Bite [Watch]: Mediate in a Moment

Got a minute? Make the most of it and meditate.

No this is not some twisted joke. You really can meditate in a 60-second time slot and we found an adorable video that shows you how. Martin Boroson, creator of the website OneMomentMeditation.com, says that if you can learn how to meditate in a fraction of the time then you can do so whenever and wherever you are.

Without a doubt we immediately wanted to perfect our meditation technique especially if we can do it in a New York minute. According to the very delightful how-to video, you can gain more patience in the midst of a fight, why waiting in line at a grocery store or when mentally breaking down at your desk.  Yes we want peace when it comes to all of the above.

If you want the blue, meditative aura following you around too, then watch this video:

How do you find peace in chaotic situations? Share below!

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  1. When things are nuts, I pause, take a deep breath and then think about the amazing support system I have. Then I take out a piece of paper and list everything I have to do in order of importance… Then I get cracking! I love CROSSING THINGS OFF the list! 😀


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