Daily Bite [Sweat]: Irish Step Dancing

step dancing

Irish step dancing is one of the most fun styles of dance to watch. Dancers leap, jump, and step in synchronicity while remaining graceful.

Interested in testing out your step skills for a great workout before the soda bread and guinness coming this weekend?

Step dancing is a high endurance, aerobic exercise. The upper body stays relatively still with good posture, while the lower body steps to the beat of a fast paced jig.

Luckily for most of us, you don’t have to be irish or a trained dancer to get a great workout from trying out step dancing.

Watch a video or two like this one, put on some cheery jig music, and see what you can do!

The Basics:

  • Point your right toe in front of your left foot,
  • Lift your rift foot up towards your left knee,
  • Step back with your right foot, placing it behind your left foot,
  • Lift your back leg up, and step it down  again,
  • Repeat on other side.


photo credit: Dave Dugdale via photopin cc
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  1. OMG funny story! I used to pretend that I was a SKILLED Irish Step Dancer when I was younger and just jump around. People actually believed me though too – I must have not been as bad as I thought! 😉

  2. Oh my gosh, when I was dancing hard-core all day as a teen the ballet studio would bring in people to train us in different dance types and Irish was sooooo hard! And definitely a workout!

  3. I am so glad that you liked my Flickr photo so much that you included it on this page.

    I enjoy when people use my photos that I work hard on, but as I noted on Flickr below each photo I let people use my photos on the condition that they provide me credit to my learningdslrvideo.com site.

    Please add my link when you can.

    Dave Dugdale


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