Daily Bite [Say]: Wilde Advice for Being Yourself


3 Tips to Being Your Authentic Self

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

Do you ever look in the mirror with confidence? Without knit-picking at what you perceive as personal flaws or wishing you had the characteristics of someone else? Likely, the answer is no. It seems we are almost hardwired to not believe being who we are is not good enough.

We think Oscar Wilde, Irish writer and poet, says it best: being yourself is much better than being the same as everyone else.

Be Yourself Everyone Else is Already Taken

It takes courage and commitment to be your authentic self, but personally we think that is much better than wearing a mask in our relationships, at work or anywhere else in our lives.

How can you become more authentic and real in your own eyes and the eyes of others? Here are 3 tips to being your authentic self:

1. Make a Commitment to Your Personal Growth

Do you really know who you are? Make a commitment to discovering more about who you are by asking for honest feedback from others, becoming involved in an activity that you are passionate about and journaling. Taking time to reflect on yourself will show/tell you a lot.

2. Express Yourself Freely

If a conflict arises most of us are not brave enough to express ourselves. Instead we talk about our feelings with others and then decide what the best route is, often being swayed by the opinions of others. Practice having the courage to speak your own truths by dealing with conflict directly. This will give you a new sense of freedom and power.

3. Celebrate Who You Are

We don’t give ourselves enough pats on the back for our talents and gifts. Celebrating yourself does not make you arrogant or conceited in any way but it does help keep your self-esteem intact.

How do you practice being your most authentic self? Share your ideas below. 

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  1. I don’t follow a leader. I am my own leader. I make decisions for myself. I don’t let anyone manipulate me. I am not easily persuaded. I have a head on my shoulders that knows what’s right and wrong (well for the most part). I have to thank my parents for all of these attributes.


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