Daily Bite [Say]: Rita Schiano Inspirational Quote

Daily Bite Say - Rita Schiano Healthy Mind Quote

At Bite Size Wellness we strive to bring you the best of health and wellness one bite at a time. If you think about it, each day is made up of little bites that we make, say, see and do for our healthy lifestyle.

We are always on the lookout for inspirational words to keep our healthy lifestyle moving forward like these powerful words from keynote speaker and author Rita Schiano:

Talk about your joys Rita Schiano

When it comes to living walking on the wellness path we strongly believe that a healthy mindset should come before you commit to a fitness routine or a diet plan because if your mind isn’t in it, your plan will fail.

But having a happy and healthy attitude goes beyond the gym and dinner plate. As a society we have a habit of talking about our woes and focusing on the bad in our life instead of the good. But, Rita is right. We need to back an effort to stop the chatter about the bad and the worst and focus on the good in life.

This often just takes a change in perspective.

If you get in a fight with your loved one think about what you can do to ensure you won’t have a repeat argument. Or if you miss your gym class because of traffic use that extra time to have some me-time. This also means that you have to take the time to talk about the positives of your day. Instead of coming home and starting the complain-fest about your boss, turn it around and talk about your work accomplishments. These little changes can refocus your mind to the good stuff…the stuff that really matters.

How do you focus on the day’s positives? Do you have a quote that inspires you to think about the good?


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