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“Working hard is important. But there is something that matters even more, believing in yourself.” – Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Today we wish a very happy 24th birthday to the star of the Harry Potter film franchise, Daniel Radcliffe!

As someone who considers both the books and films to be an essential part of her childhood and adolescence, it’s hard to believe that the actor is no longer the fresh-faced youngster who appeared in the first installment of the film adaptations nearly 12 years ago. In addition to playing the title character in all eight Harry Potter films, Radcliffe has also had success on Broadway, starring in the dark play, Equus and the musical comedy, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

But despite his more recent accomplishments, it’s hard to remove the association between Radcliffe and his portrayal of Harry Potter throughout the years. Although the films may seem like mere childish adaptations of popular novels to some, they all carried a number of important messages, as they covered important elements of growing up like friendship, enduring hardship, and believing in yourself: the message behind today’s Daily Bite [Say], which comes from the 5th film in the series.

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Even if you’ve never even seen a single Harry Potter movie, the message behind today’s quote can resonate with anyone. Whether at work, in your personal life, or at the gym, what is the point of toiling away if you don’t believe in yourself and your accomplishments? Here are a few simple ways you can make sure you aren’t working to no avail:

1. Reward your accomplishments

If you’ve met your weight loss goal for the month, go shopping. If you’ve finally finished a challenging project at work, celebrate with drinks with your colleagues. No matter how you do it, using the occasional reward as a form of positive encouragement is a way of ensuring that you’ll keep up the good work that got you the reward in the first place – it’s a cycle of positivity!

2. Stay close to those who inspire you

Whether it’s following your favorite inspirational celebrity on Twitter or getting on the phone with a family member once a week, keep your inspirational influences close to you for continued support and encouragement. Their belief in your abilities will give you the confidence boost you need to keep going.

3. Find your mantra

As cheesy as it may sound, repeating a phrase as simple as “I can, and I will” can have a positive impact on your productivity. Find the phrase that suits you best, and keep it close to you. If you’re in a rut, take a moment to write it down or repeat it a few times until you truly believe it!


How do you make sure you always believe in yourself? 

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