Daily Bite [Say]: Explore the Unfamiliar via Roger Ebert

Daily Bite Say Explore the Unfamiliar

“We are put on this planet only once, and to limit ourselves to the familiar is a crime against our minds.” – Roger Ebert

Throughout his lengthy and incredible career, film critic Roger Ebert always knew the perfect way to capture the essence of a film in a few words. Whether it was with a witty quip about a Hollywood flop or an uplifting sentiment about an Oscar-worthy epic, Ebert was never afraid to voice his opinion on a film. His reviews were consistently reliable sources of both information and entertainment for film fanatics and occasional moviegoers alike.

While Ebert passed away last April after a lengthy battle with cancer, his words still echo in our minds both in and out of the theater. Today would have been Ebert’s 71st birthday, and we honor his memory by taking to heart some of his wisest words that can apply to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

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Most of the time it’s easier to stay in our comfort zones instead of pushing boundaries. Here are a simple few ways you can leave the ordinary behind, and explore everything life has to offer you:

1. One New Thing Every Day

Whether it’s trying a new food, exploring a new neighborhood, or sitting one row closer to the front in your spinning or yoga class, commit to adding at least one new thing to your routine every day. Over time, these small additions will have an enormous impact and will broaden your worldly views.

2. Hand Over the Reins

We are so accustomed to being in control of every little aspect of our every day lives that one of the most difficult things to do is to give up that control. Set up a date with a friend or significant other, but instead of making plans together, let your partner decide every detail of the day. Let yourself be pleasantly surprised!


Everyone always has a laundry list of things they’ve been meaning to do for a while. Whether it’s starting your own blog, trying to get back in the gym after a long hiatus, or learning how to play the guitar – just cross that boundary and do it! The longer you’ll wait, the more time you’ll spend regretting your decision.


How do you break out of your everyday routine? What’s your favorite Roger Ebert film review? 

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  1. I am a huge routine girl, but I have found that over the years I am breaking my routine. My current work situation forces me to do so and I have to thank my situation for that… Otherwise I feel like I would be super boring. Granted I definitely still have a routine but it’s a lot less structured than it was in the past!


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