Daily Bite [Say]: Do What You Think You Cannot via Eleanor Roosevelt

Do What You Think You Cannot Do via Eleanor Roosevelt

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

If you are an inspirational quote junkie then we are sure you have seen the often cited words of Eleanor reminding us to live life at its fullest potential.

Do the thing you think you cannot do

This issue with the simple idea of living life to its very fullest: there are ruts in the road, but we forget to look for the ladder that can bring us out. What typically happens is that we allow ourselves to get stuck in a pothole with tall walls, living a life that is the comfortable life you really want to change because you are scared. You let those fears conquer the realization of how powerful you can be when it comes to losing the weight, committing to eating right, saying “no” when you are a yes-person, saying goodbye to a relationship that is bad for your mental health and so on.

The point being, if you are in a rut look for the ladder.

Test out the rungs.

They are stronger than you think and you too are stronger than you think.

Being in a strong mental state can take you fair when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle and beyond. Are you brave enough to test out the ladder?

What do you think of this quote from Eleanor Roosevelt? Tell us below!

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  1. I AM OBSESSED with this quote!! Once you achieve what you think you cannot do, you have this amazing confidence to tackle other obstacles that you believe are in your way – But really, THEY’RE NOT!!


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