Daily Bite [Say]: Babe Ruth Wisdom

Daily Bite Say - Wise Words from Babe Ruth

Even a non-baseball fan has a hero crush on Babe Ruth. And besides being an amazing hitter and holding the title of the greatest baseball player in history, Babe was a very wise man. He has spewed out a lot of quotable quotes that are worth repeating.

babe ruth never give up

Why we love this Babe Ruth wisdom? Because it is so true and definitely pertains to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Living on the health path involves a lot of determination and embracing the “never give up” mentality.

Get inspired to take on Babe’s outlook by:

  1. Setting goals for yourself. When you have something to work for it is easier to stay on the wagon. Make weekly goals and also ones for far in the future so that you can check off each small success before you hit a major milestone.
  2. Learn from others. Find someone to look up to and follow in their footsteps.
  3. Embrace the pain. Identify your muscular gains rather than focusing on your weaknesses. You will always surprise yourself.

Do Babe Ruth’s words inspire you? Who is your fitness hero?

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