Daily Bite [Say]: “A Year From Now” Quote by Karen Lamb

A Year From Now Quote by Karen Lamb

At Bite Size Wellness we strive to bring you the best of health and wellness one bite at a time. If you think about it, each day is made up of little bites that we make, say, see and do for our healthy lifestyle.

Sometimes that includes getting inspired from the wise words of others like this quote from Karen Lamb:

a year from now

We love the get-up-and-go attitude of this quote because there are so many times that we have wished we had started something we had said or thought about in the past. How often do we put off things from our dream list until the moment is perfect? Too many.

Too busy…

Too much work…

Too much weight to lose…

Too time consuming…

And then you blink and a year has gone by and you are standing in the same place.

Whether it is a signing up for a new fitness class, starting a weight loss program, joining a book club or seeking out a new job, we think that this advice will serve you well.

Swallow Karen’s words and then get going in a direction you will be proud of 365 days later.

Do you find this quote encouraging?  What is your favorite health quote?

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  1. I love thinking about where I am going to be in a year from now. It’s also cool to think about WHERE YOU WERE a year ago! Keeping a diary or even just a schedule book is always a cool way to see what you were up to a year ago! Definitely gives me flashbacks! 😉


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