Upgrade: 3 New Chicken Salad Recipes You Need To Try

Looking to get in your protein? There is nothing quite as classic and easy-to-make as the traditional chicken salad. Not only is it flavorful, but it also happens to be filling, versatile and anything but boring.

While we are sure you have perfected your family recipe by now, this video will bring you three new options that certainly kick things up a notch. Expect a curried chicken salad, waldorf chicken salad and a southwestern chicken salad.

You will be shocked by how few ingredients are required for each of these and how lightened up they are in comparison to most mayonnaise-laden chicken salads. As a matter of fact, none of these require more than 5-6 ingredients – which makes these recipes easy and wallet-friendly.

Not a fan of mayonnaise? Try veganaise instead. We promise you won’t regret it.

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Would you include these chicken salad recipes in your diet?

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