Treat Yourself: The Secret to Perfect Fried Chicken

Just in case you have been in denial about July Fourth having come and gone, there is another holiday you can get excited about – and it happens today on July 6th. It’s National Fried Chicken Day!

As if any of us needed an excuse to grab a cold beer and some fried chicken after work, there is not a better way to indulge without opting for a fast food option. Watch the video above for the secret to the perfect at-home fried chicken.

The best part of making your own healthy indulgences at home is that you can substitute ingredients here and there for a healthier option. Don’t want panko breadcrumbs? Try going the almond-crusted route instead. This ensures that you can enjoy the classic Southern comfort food without the guilt and double the protein.

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Do you have any secrets for the best fried chicken?

Featured Image via Flickr


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