Cheers to a Hangover-Free New Years

The key for a healthy partygoer is to not drink at all, but where is the fun in that? So, backup plan is to drink in moderation and keep your BSW survival guide in your back pocket. The fact is we may all be a little, um, indulgent this time of year but you can still bypass the “I’m never drinking again” conversation with your toilet. This New Year’s Eve keep it healthy and hangover-free so you start the New Year off refreshed and not in pain.

Here is the healthy version of “throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care…” Okay, here is to not throwing your healthy habits completely out the window this New Year’s Eve:

  • Make your last 2011 Meal a Healthy One: Liquid dinners are so not cool. Food slows down the absorption of alcohol, so before you put on your completely reasonable party shoes enjoy some healthy carbs and fat. Yes to guacamole, salmon and brown rice.
  • Up your H2O Intake: Planning on partying all night long? Then, hydrate double time. During the festivities be sure to rotate your alcoholic beverages with a glass of water (for calorie saving and hangover prevention). Opt for “on the rocks” beverages and chomp on all the ice before moving on to your next cocktail. And, no matter how sober you think you are, gulp a few glasses before your head hits the pillow. Water is your best friend. Repeat it and put it on a post-it note if you are the forgetful type.
  • Light drinks, equal the fun: Keep your cocktails low calorie with the help of Skinnygirl cocktails like the white cranberry cosmo, sangria and margarita deliciousness that Bethenny Frankel’s mastermind created. An alcoholic beverage sans the guilt…genius! The fresh fruit addition to your Skinnygirl sangria counts as a serving of fruit, right? On New Year’s Eve we won’t tell the food police…

You skipped the above section and are in need of hangover recovery ASAP!? Once you figure out where you are and how you are getting home, use these:

Don't let this be your dog (or you) this New Years.
  • Water, duh: Should have listened to the above tip on guzzling your H20 before, during and after drinking but since you slacked off then and now you are dehydrated it is time to gulp up. For real this time. Oh, and avoid your morning cup ‘o Joe. I know, it sounds like torture when you are this tired, but the experts say that coffee will only continue to dehydrate you so water it is.
  • Time for some Eggs and Toast: A few too many “here’s to you and here’s to me” salutes may leave you needing the real thing, in bread form. Get some substance in your belly with recovery nutrients that are found in whole grain toast and eggs.  Eggs have a substance in them called cysteine that breaks down the toxins in alcohol that are causing you hangover angst, and whole grains give you a healthy boost of magnesium which alcohol can eat up.
  • A Spoonful of Honey makes the Misery more Bearable: Thank those honeybees you shoo away. Honey is high in fructose so it helps metabolize the few too many you knocked back. Add some to your toast.
  • Nosh on Fruit: Water-rich fruit like watermelon, grapefruit, grapes or oranges have the natural sugars, vitamins and amino acids that your body is not-so-politely asking you for. And, in case you were wondering, this does not mean down mimosas since oranges are involved.
  • Start that Gym Resolution Now: While you can’t “sweat it out” those endorphins you are releasing from your run around the block make you feel good, so kick it into gear before you curl up for an afternoon nap. A healthy snooze may be the cure all for the party aftermath.

How do you plan to keep your New Year’s Eve on the health track?

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  1. Very interesting about honey for a hangover – just got some from a local beekeeper the farmers market that is delish, and I’m always looking for an excuse to munch on some :). Granted avoiding the hangover in the first place is probably a better plan…


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