Bytes for Breakfast: Health Dangers of Hurricane Sandy + Powerless Breakfast

It has been several days since Hurricane Sandy swept the East Coast and a trail of broken trees and flooding isn’t all she left behind. Polluted flood water, gas leaks, and questionable food choices are just some of the many health problems that victims of the super storm are dealing with. Public health officials know that residents in the areas of the storm face additional risks and are working hard to prevent them.

To stay safe and healthy in the wake of storm-damaged areas, consider these:

  • Avoid unsafe food: Food poisoning and illnesses are at a high from eating food that has remained too long in refrigerators where the power went out. Food from a refrigerator without the power is only safe to eat within 6 hours and up to 48 hours later if frozen. When in doubt, throw it out!
  • Boil tap water for at least one minute: Sewage issues can cause bacteria-ridden H2O. Boiling water will help prevent sickness from drinking bad water.
  • Stay protected: The clean-up process can cause some dangers because the debris and mold can trigger a slew of health issues. Wear boots, gloves and goggles and try to keep your skin clean if you wade through any flooded areas.

For more tips on the health risks and concerns of Sandy watch today’s video from PIX 11:

Days Later, Health Concerns For Sandy's Victims Grow



If you are without power and looking for a no cook breakfast idea, these No Bake Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Breakfast Cookies from Busy But Healthy are right up your ally. They are sure to quench you need for a filling breakfast during a powerless situation.

no bake pumpkin chocolate chip protein cookies

Do you have any powerless breakfast ideas? Hope everyone is safe and healthy!


  1. These are some great tips. It has been sad watching the devastation on the East Coast. I cringed when I saw people were being forced to eat out of the dumpster. Really glad there is electricity back on in most parts so that most people can boil their water.


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