Breakfast of Champions: Cereal Please!

These days my breakfasts have turned into a grab-and-go marathon as I snatch my Chobani yogurt, grab an apple with a travel Jif peanut butter cup or take a container of my pre-prepared oats while I simultaneously put on my shoes and run out the door. As you can tell, my morning schedule is planned down to the minute. I hardly find the time to have a kick-your-feet-up breakfast, but when I do I go for the classic that never lets me down: a bowl of cereal. I was thrilled when a package from Attune Foods arrived that was holding 3 boxes of crunchy cereal delights. I knew it was time to have a “leisurely” breakfast that involved a spoon and bowl.

I couldn’t choose what to dig into first so I made a cereal concoction with the Uncle Sam’s Original Toasted Whole Wheat Berry Flakes with Flaxseed and Erewhon Gluten-Free Corn Flakes that I topped with a spoonful of chia seeds. I was not let down. The pure flavors and hearty crunch instantly reminded me why I should give myself more time to enjoy my breakfasts. My flake mixture was delicious. They were sturdy and held their shape and crunch until the very last bite even after being drowned in milk which I greatly appreciated! The instantly soggy spoonful is not for me. I did want to have a touch of sweetness so I added a few sprinkles of truvia to my bowl which was the perfect touch.

During each bite, I treasured that every spoonful was tasty and nutritious. The corn flakes are made of two wholesome ingredients that I can pronounce and is completely fat free. I was glad I decided to mix in Uncle Sam’s whole wheat flakes for the fiber and protein boost. A serving contains 10 grams of fiber and 7 grams of protein which definitely filled me up and lasted throughout the day. Plus the flaxseed gave me some of my omega-3 fatty acids which I am always trying to sneak in.


Attune Foods has quite the reputation for simple and pure ingredients that can be found in their slew of cereal flavors that are bound to be as delicious as the ones I tasted. I already have my eye on the honey almond flavor and the cinnamon grahams. (Graham crackers and milk is another childhood favorite treat!) My mind is spinning with other cereal delights like this healthy cornflake crusted chicken finger recipe or keeping it simple by topping my yogurt or salads with a little cereal crunch.

Thank you Attune Foods for introducing me to a some new cereal aisle favorites and reminding my of the joys a sit down breakfast can have!

*Attune Foods generously provided me with samples of their cereal, however, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.*

What is your sit down breakfast favorite? Do you have a new cereal to share? 


  1. Yum! I don’t eat cereal at breakfast typically but I do love it mixed in with my yogurt with some fig butter!

    Kudos to the limited ingredient list – when choosing processed that’s the first thing I look for!


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