Boring Resolutions be Gone

This year, skip the tame the bulge mantra and ditch the promise to be more organized. A resolution is resolving to do something, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be a year-long commitment. You have just enough time before the new year comes to adjust your resolution to something that is not so…well…boring. Revamp your resolutions with these ideas that will keep you from hitting the snooze button a few months into the new year.

  • Go on an Adventure: You love to travel or you’re an adrenaline junkie, but instead you are always daydreaming about the places you want to go. Now is the time to travel across the country, go to a new country or take a once in a lifetime day trip. New experiences give us an opportunity to disconnect from our day-to-day lives and enjoy some stress free time relaxing wherever your journey takes you.

    Recharge and renew your New Year's resolutions. What are you waiting for?

   Renovated Resolution: A chance to                show experience something new.

  • Invent a Cocktail: Show your creative side by experimenting with the thousands of spirits to craft a one-of-a-kind drink or brew your own beer so you actually enjoy your beverage. This is an opportunity to create a guilt-free cocktail with your special touch on how to lighten it up. Plus, think of how impressed your friends will be at your next house party.

   Renovated Resolution: A chance to                experiment and try something new.

  • Get on a Game Show: Are you great with trivia? Are athletics your thing? Major networks are frequently coming up with new game shows…stop participating from the couch and apply. A little healthy competition never hurt anyone, right? Or, at the very least, get into the stands and watch the show live. This will be a story for the grandchildren.

   Renovated Resolution: A chance to highlight your strengths and take risks.

  • Enter the Blogosphere: Ever think that you better write that down or you will forget? Writing a blog is an opportunity to share those interesting things about your life, your thoughts and your opinions. People will take interest in what you have to say and, if not, then you let that novel brewing up inside of you out for your own personal benefit. Writing is a powerful life tool you should embrace to get to know yourself better or address your thoughts and feelings.

    Writing is emotionally and physically healing.

   Renovated Resolution: A chance to share        your story.

  • Challenge yourself to Eat Locally: Fast food is a thing of the past. Commit to giving your body only the best by eating fresh and local foods from your farmers market, local grocers and restaurants that buy only locally produced food. Growing your own garden or throwing a locally grown party can jumpstart your commitment.

   Renovated Resolution: A chance to do your body good and help the community.

  • Participate in a Food Fight: Or initiate one. This may be more difficult to get involved in, but the point is to find something where you completely let yourself go and embrace the child within you. This can also be accomplished by watching cartoons, blowing bubbles or swinging at the playground.

   Renovated Resolution: A chance to bring out your inner child and stop obsessing over adult worries.

So, what’s your renewed New Year’s resolution? 

Photo 1 courtesy of Sally M via Flickr (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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