The AMAZING Benefits of Raw Tomato Juice

Tomato Juice benefits

Tomato juice sparks a lot of controversy with my girlfriends. We talk about it probably way more than any friend group should but anyways, we are always split right down the middle about it. Some of us love it due to the fact that it is the main component of a Bloody Mary and some of us hate it because it “just tastes like tomato soup.” Well DUH.

Although store-bought tomato juice is still healthy, it’s even healthier if you drink raw, freshly juiced tomatoes. Simply put, raw tomato juice is superior to any canned tomato juice! Drinking it raw and unprocessed provides all the important nutrients your body needs to function at its best. It’s loaded with tons of phytochemicals, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals! It’s pretty much a full meal in and of itself. All of these nutrients leave your insides healthy and your skin looking younger. When I think about it, it keeps getting better and better, am I right?

Tomato juice aids in weight loss and hydrates the body like no other. In addition, it’s also low in sodium and calories, while high in fiber. Drinking raw tomato juice instead of sugary drinks, energizes the body without the empty calories. Even better, every glass of raw tomato juice gives your body a shot of nutrients that boosts your metabolism. Just one glass a day gives your body its daily recommended antioxidant needs, prevents oxidation that can lead to colorectal, lung or breast cancer, and prevents free radical damage (that may cause cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis). This powerhouse fruit (or vegetable?) also detoxifies the bodies organs and works as a natural antiseptic.

The positive health benefits of tomato juice are not limited to the inside of the body. Drinking a glass per day can reverse premature signs of aging due to the vitamin C and lycopene (what gives its red color). Even better, both compounds banish blemishes, fade discolorations and reduce oil production! According to Nature Hacks, “The iron and vitamins present in tomato juice could actually help add shine to rough, dry and dull hair.” What more could you want from just one glass of juice?!

Try this tomato juice recipe from Eating Well (only 46 calories)!

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What are you waiting for? Will you reap the raw tomato juice benefits today?

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