Shoe Retailer Ahnu’s Yoga Clothing, Surprisingly, Impresses

One of the most interesting developments in the activewear market is that – as of late – shoe makers are starting to get in on the fun. That’s right. Some of your favorite athletic shoe brands are now making clothing. And some of the results are downright gorgeous. I mean, if they can make great active shoes they can make good clothes, right?

To put that theory to the test, I reached out to footwear company Ahnu—the company known for its yoga and hiking shoes—to see for myself. The company partnered with yoga clothing company Nux to produce a small, but stylish line for the yoga and hiking crowds. I had my doubts, but was pleasantly surprised by how everything looked and performed.

Selene Hoodie

ahnu yoga clothing 1

This is probably my favorite piece of activewear this fall. There’s plenty to love about it. For starters, the keyhole back is probably my favorite feature. It’s like the perfect way to show off a sports bra and show some skin, even when it’s cold outside. It’s sexy without being overly revealing.

It also has a four way stretch, which means its clingy without feeling suffocating. My favorite feature, by far, was that this will keep you warm, but you won’t overheat when you’re exercising in it. No small feat there. It does ride up a bit, but that’s a common flaw with any kind of four way stretch clothing. If you’re searching for a pretty hoodie that will keep you warm without overheating you, this might be the perfect fall sweater for you.

Rio Capri

ahnu yoga 2

First of all, it’s impossible not to love this beautiful and eye-catching pattern. It looks like blue blurry city street lights. I ordered a size larger than I normally get since everything I’ve ever read about Nux says that its clothing runs small. However, I actually didn’t find this to be the case. The size large fit, but was maybe a little big. This fit well in the waist, but the legs were admittedly a little loose. They didn’t really offer too much in the way of compression, but still gave me a lifted yoga butt, which I did appreciate. I also didn’t like that the lining of these capris was all white – an easy color to stain. That being said, these aren’t see-through in any way, so I feel like that’s a non-issue. These might be a great option if you’re looking for a knee-length capri with a pretty print.

You should give the activewear made by shoe companies a chance. After all, if they’re skilled at making great shoes, it makes sense that their activewear would also be great. Ahnu’s clothing certainly impressed.

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