5 Ways to Sleep Better When You’re Sharing a Bed With a Restless Partner

Everyone in the world knows that sleep is absolutely essential for our health. Since we were young, we’ve been educated that we all need about eight to ten hours of sleep every night. And if we do that regularly, we won’t get sick as often, and our chances of contracting severe illnesses are low. So, all of us need to get the right amount of sleep for good health.

But sometimes, being able to sleep peacefully can be a challenge, especially if you’re sharing a bed with a restless partner. 

If this is your case, you’re probably asking yourself: what can you do to sleep better at night? Well, here are some suggestions worth trying.

Invest in High-Quality Bedroom Equipment

This is something that people have the tendency to overlook, but sometimes, having the right and comfortable bedroom equipment can do wonders for your sleep health. This means that you should probably throw out your cheap blankets and pillowcases that just make your skin itchy every time. 

And in replacement of those cheap amenities, you should invest in some high-quality ones. According to experts from the Shape blog, here are some of the recommended high-quality bedroom items that you can get; weighted blankets, silk pillowcases, and memory foam mattresses. 

These high-quality bedroom amenities don’t come cheap, unfortunately, but on the bright side, they will make you feel more comfortable when you’re about to sleep at night. So, give them a try some time. 

Limit Light Exposure, Especially Blue Light, At Night

Another good way to induce sleep at night is to make sure that your bedroom is a bit dark. This is because if there’s too much light inside your room, your brain might be tricked into thinking that it’s daytime, thus inhibiting you from sleeping quickly. 

One kind of light that you should limit at night is the blue light, which is the light from electronic devices. When you and your partner use your phones right before bed, chances are it will take some time before both of you will actually fall asleep. 

So, you and your partner should make it a habit not to use your cell phones at night. Instead, you might just want to listen to music or read a book by your bedside lamp. 

Have a Bedtime Routine to Unwind

Sometimes, it takes time for your brain to register that it’s time to rest, and so, it’s ideal that you and your partner do a routine every night to unwind. The activities in your routines should be relaxing enough; that way, your brain will be convinced that it’s time to sleep soon. 

As mentioned earlier, listening to music and reading a book are two examples of relaxing activities. Other things you and your partner might want to do are drinking one glass of hot milk and taking a hot bath about 30 minutes before sleeping.  

Avoid Caffeine in the Afternoon or the Evening

For so many adults, drinking coffee every morning is a must. After all, coffee helps boost energy and focus, so it makes sense to drink it first thing in the morning. 

However, you and your partner should avoid coffee late in the day because it will only stimulate your system, thus making it hard to relax at night. If you really are craving a cup of coffee in the afternoon or at night, then you should probably pick the decaffeinated one.

Encourage Your Significant Other to See a Somnologist

There may be a point when your partner’s restlessness actually turns violent and accidentally hurts you or them. If this has occurred numerous times already, then maybe it’s time for your partner to see a somnologist, otherwise known as a sleep specialist. 

Seeing a somnologist will be beneficial, especially if your partner has an underlying condition that needs to be addressed. 


Sleep is vital to everyone’s health, but if you share a bed with a restless partner, then sleeping properly might be challenging. If you’re having this particular problem, consider doing any of the tips mentioned above. You might be surprised to see that any of them can improve your situation by a large margin. 


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