5 Ways to Reward Your Employees

Reward your employeesOne of the top ways to keep your employees happy is by giving gifts. Gifts will always be appreciated and will show your staff just how much you care. There are varying ways to reward employees and doing the right things may make a huge difference in productivity. Putting these suggestions to work can be very helpful by having the best results.

1.  Give candy boxes

It’s likely the people that work for you may enjoy eating a wide range of candy. Giving each of your employees a box of different candy types is certain to be appreciated.
Selecting a specialized box with the highest quality candy could make a fantastic gift. You’ll want to choose a large container that will have lots of the things in your employee will love.

Most people love chocolate candy so this would be an excellent choice. Be certain to buy a chocolate box that has various types of candy in it.

2. Purchase a gift certificate

Do you know a special place where one of your employees love to shop? This could be a specialized store that offers certain things or even a department store.
Buying a gift certificate and giving it to your employees is certain to be appreciated a great deal. These can be obtained at the location you’re buying the certificate from beforehand.

It’s a good idea to base the monetary value of the certificate based on the number of years the employee has worked for you. This could vary from a lower amount to a much higher one but would be a fair way to do this.

3. Go for lunch

Taking your employee out for lunch is a great way to show the amount of appreciation you have for this person. Going to a nice place that offers a large menu is the ideal way to have fun and enjoy your food.

You’ll want to choose a high-end location to help make this a special event. There are likely to be many in your area that will have a swanky place, such as this.

Below are some questions to ask prior to making a food purchasing commitment:

  1. Can you reserve a room for your employees?
  2. Do you provide any discounts for a large number of people?
  3. What type of food do you serve, and will you do special orders?
  4. What would be the best day of the week for the event?

4. Give a cash incentive

Many of your employees may love a cash incentive more than anything else as a reward that would be liked. The amount of money you do give could be based on several factors, such as longevity, status and being good at the position.

Making checks out in advance and placing these in a nice card would be a great gesture. Letting your employees know just how special they are to you can really help in the future.

Don’t forget to tell each and every one of your employees what they mean to you and the company. Doing this could go a long way about the feelings of this person to the business.

5. Give a gym membership

Keeping your staff in good health is vital to getting the job done. One way you can help do this is by giving your employees a gym membership as a gift.

These can run into the hundreds of dollars and is certain to be appreciated. You’ll have a place for your employees to go after work to get fit for life.

Choosing a highly rated gym membership in the local area is a great idea and will allow your employees to have fun while getting healthy. It’s ideal to find a location that’s within close proximity for your employee to save time getting there.

Keep in mind that you may be able to get significant discounts when you buy several of these for your staff. Giving a nice gift and saving money is a great idea.
Are you ready to make your employees happy and feel loved? If so, you’ll want to reward employees routinely for a job well done. This should be a task you do annually to show how much you care.

Deciding on the gift you wish to give may be foremost on your mind. This will help your employee enjoy it the most and this can be helpful for having the most success with this item. Think about the things your staff may like the most and choose individually the one that would meet these needs. Doing this should take the right amount of thought and effort for the best results in the long run. You’ll be well appreciated for making the effort to do such a thoughtful and kind task by all of your employees. Don’t delay in making this happen for the best results and greater productivity in the future.

Author Bio:

Natasha Giannetti is the Director at Snacks With Bite, a boutique snack food company providing healthy food that can be sent as gifts. Natasha enjoys all aspects of food and health and has combined these loves into a successful business.


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