5 Tips to Resolution Accountability

5 Tips to Hold Yourself Accountable for your Resolutions

It is easy to make a resolution, but keeping it is another story. For those of us that make a verbal promise to make a change in the New Year less than 50% actually succeed in keeping it. In other words, our odds to complete the 365-day commitment are not good.

Make the timeless tradition of resolution making something you actually stick to with these 5 accountability tricks:

1. Care about your resolution.

Whatever you decide to make a yearlong commitment to, you better like it or you will ultimately push it under the rug. Obviously a couch potato may not be super thrilled about tackling a new gym routine, but if you don’t have the passion for something you have to discover what the motivation for doing it is. If your mind is aligned with these reasons then getting your goal done will feel less like a chore.

2. Make concrete resolutions.

Resolutions like “focus on moving forward” don’t allow for much accountability. You will find your resolutions are easier to fulfill if you make specific actions such as “take 1 hour per week to plan for future goals.” You can put the check mark next to that resolution every week versus the alternative that is harder to track.

3. Turn your paper in on time.

Although you may have rolled your eyes at the professor who set obnoxious due dates for your homework, that set date pushed you to get your work done. Setting and meeting your due dates is a fundamental component to accountability. Of course detours will arise like work priorities, changes in your goals or human error, but resetting your timeline will ensure you follow through on your resolution no matter what comes up.

4. Join a group.

Being with real people who will press you to keep your responsibilities is a major plus. It is the reason that weight loss groups like Weight Watchers work. The mutual accountability is effective, but just be sure to define roles if you involve others. Sometimes you will need a cheerleading squad but you don’t need a micromanager.

5. Accept responsibility.

Taking on a new to-do in your life whether it be a workout routine or a new job forces you to take risks and problems will arise. Don’t drop your resolutions cold turkey because of these bumps in the road. Embrace these difficulties, brush yourself off and get back to finding a whole new you.

Your turn. How do you keep yourself accountable? What tips do you have to stay positive about your resolutions all yearlong? 

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  1. Wow, number one is so simple, but essential! Last year I had a friend who emailed with me once a week about our resolutions. She was a stickler for asking exactly how I adhered to my resolutions and it was a really productive year for me! Having a resolution partner who cares almost as much as you about your goals is really helpful:)
    Ps Sabrina if you are reading this thank you!

      • I do not! But I haven’t made and real resolutions. I have been doing more of an analysis of what worked and what I’m going to do differently but I haven’t really settled on anything concrete. I may end up with more like spring resolutions this year:)


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