5 Hot Spots for Stress Relief

5 Hot Spots for Stress Relief

Everyone needs a break from reality every once in a while that your beloved bench or reading nook just can’t fulfill. But with a busy schedule and lack of an endless budget, getting away from it all can be difficult.

If your brain needs a break from the life commotion (um, hi…the holidays are here) we suggest taking a trip to one of the 5 places you can travel to for some stress relief without hopping on a plane:

1. Go to the Movies

Seeing a light-hearted comedy can be the best medicine for a stressful day. Taking two hours to get wrapped up in a fictional story will clear your mind so you can take on the day. We recommend watching the flick alone so you can just focus on you being in the moment.

2. Head to the Park

Pack a picnic and head into nature. Spending time outdoors is the most inexpensive way to reduce stress. Take your time and suck in the fresh air.

3. Enjoy a Concert

Music is a key component to finding a sense of calm. We have suggested making mood specific playlists to help you associate certain tunes to your emotional state. Go beyond your iPod to really get away. See your favorite band, take your first trip to the opera or explore a local musical theater. Let the music transform your state of mind.

4. Take an Art Class

Bring out the kid in you and sign up for an art class. The process of making art encourages your mind to get creative and look at the world a bit differently. In other words, you can get your mind off the stressful stuff and focus on your canvas. Plus, you will have a material object to whisk your mind away whenever you remember the time you created it.

5. Cruise the Farmers Market

Exploring your local market is a great escape. You will be able to take your mind off life’s stressors and also come home with a bag full of fresh and healthy produce to inspire a cooking adventure—another way to distract your mind!

What is your “backyard” stress relief hot spot? Do you do any of the above when you need mental clarity?

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  1. Well I’m around the corner from a posh, new-ish Korean spa. It’s great if you are a spa person, though I honestly prefer the pretty library also down the block from me. Loooove libraries!


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