5 Healthy Ways to Start your Morning

5 Healthy Ways to Start your Morning

Depending on your outlook of early morning activities, when your alarm goes off it can either be a wonderful feeling or disastrous. After a late night of watching re-runs of Top Chef, most of us will probably agree that the morning is not their favorite part of the day. Read: we cherish those few additional minutes of shut-eye after we hit the snooze button. Twice.

How the day goes is not always in your control, but how you start the day is. Here are 5 simple changes you can make to embrace the morning:

1. Pre-Plan your Clothing

Stop starting your mornings on an indecisive note that leads to rushing around. Pre-planning your clothes the night before will automatically reduce the stress that comes from your morning routine. Taking a few minutes before bed to lay things out can save you up to a half hour of time in the morning. That is some major beauty sleep.

2. Make the Bed

Making the bed was probably your least favorite chore dictated by mom, but straightening the sheets is for more than vanity sake. The morning habit can keep you from crawling back under the covers and set you on the right path for the day.

3. Wake up your Senses

Your bedroom is just as important, if not more important, than other rooms in your household so don’t skimp on the décor! Fill your room with your favorite colors and fragrances. Make a point to bring in soothing light (ie say bye to the bat cave). And, turn on your “get your day started” playlist.

4. Try Stretching in the Shower

Stretching helps you release any tension you have in your body and relieves a little pressure in your mind too. The hot water helps loosen your muscles so you can get a really good stretch in and start your day relaxed.

5. Grab your Morning Fix

Coffee…it is our a.m. crutch.  Start your day off right with a cup of your favorite drink whether it be coffee, hot tea, kale juice or a smoothie. Having your morning drink in your hand will get you going.

What do you do to make your morning healthy? Are you an morning or an evening person?

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