5 Healthy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

5 Healthy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Likely you have adopted a few eco-friendly habits the benefit your healthy lifestyle. Think about your canvas grocery bags that you tote with you to and from the store, your reusable water bottle for the gym and you at-home recycle bin.

We applaud these little changes, but for Earth Day this year we encourage you to take your eco-habits one step farther. Here are a few simple suggestions to make Earth Day 2013 your healthiest yet!

1. Make Food Swaps that are Good for you and the Planet

Switch from white rice and white bread to the brown alternative and give the environment (and your health!) a boost. We all know that whole grains are a better source of nutrients and full of fiber, but in addition to the nutritious qualities, whole wheat product cut down on the extensive refining process. By eating whole grains you are helping the planet by cutting back on energy and other resources that are a major part of the refining process.

2. Help Clean a Local Park

Cleaning up the environment around you will give you a clean, fresh feeling as well! There is always a shortage on volunteer hands when it comes to cleaning a public space. Grab a few friends or your family and put yourself to work for Earth Day! The charity will put you in a good mood for days to come when you walk past the new tree you helped plant or the area you helped clean up.

3. Grow a Garden

Cultivating your own eats is a wonderful way to cut down on your carbon footprint. Plus you can reduce pesticides one plant at a time! Having your own home-grown food available on a whim will encourage you to eat more healthfully too. Even if you live in a small studio apartment, growing a few herbs in your windowsill is the perfect kitchen garden. If you have the space, you can have a multiple rows of fruits and vegetables and save a few dollars at the grocery store this summer and encourage you to get creative in the kitchen to use your crops.

4. Buy Food with Less Packaging

Limit the amount of waste you discard by seeking products that aren’t packaged (like produce) or that use less packaging all together. Choosing foods without bulky bags tend to be better for our waistlines since highly processed foods are lower in nutrients. What bulky snack can you get rid of this year?

5. Give yourself an Organic Facial

Green your beauty products! Go through your beauty cabinets and get rid of any products with questionable ingredients. You can have all-natural products that are good for your skin and the planet. Check out this list of Earth Day Beauty Awards from Healing Lifestyles and Spas.

How will you celebrate Earth Day this year? Will you commit to any of the above?

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