4 Tips for Being Happier at Work Today

4 Ways to Be Happier at Work

The pursuit of happiness is a lifelong quest, but sometimes you need a mood changer RIGHT NOW. Happiness should always be a priority, but when you work long hours, are having mixed feelings about your job or just feel tied down to your desk, putting a smile on your face can be difficult.

Here are 4 small changes you can make in your daily work routine that will make you happier during your working hours.

1. Stop Thinking About Money

Money is one of the major pay-offs of your working life, but instead of focusing on finance try to celebrate your personal growth. When you turn the focus off of dollar signs and onto what you have learned, the connections you have made and the new skills you have gained you can revel in your non-financial accomplishments. Make a list so you can turn to it when your boss is having one of those days.

2. Eat High Quality Foods

We know that most work days involve rushing through lunch at your desk as you simultaneously check emails, but we think you should make a point to slow it down. At least once a day enjoy a small piece of fine cheese or a delicious piece of dark chocolate and really focus on it and savor the flavor. This is a midday break must!

3. Let Go of the Final Results

Although looking towards the future is a positive thing to do oftentimes it can harm our mental state in the workplace. If you are feeling overwhelmed by upcoming deadlines and other events that are out of your control, make a point to focus on the job at hand. Putting your attention on one task will help you progress through the day without feeling like you never made it through your work to-dos.

4. Force a Smile

Even if you are not in a smiley kind of mood after running late to work or having a bad meeting with your boss, plaster a smile on your face. Forcing a smile can inadvertently help you be in a happier state of mind. And, fake smile or not, a happy face can help decrease your stress levels. Are you smiling now?

What advice do you have to be happier at work? Share your tips below!


  1. Pretending is honestly the BEST approach to having a good day! Just continue to tell yourself that the day is going to rock and you can trick yourself into believing it!! I do this all the time! Before I work out, I always tell myself, “this work out is going to be easy and fly by”… And before I know it, it’s OVER 🙂


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