4 Best Workouts…to Meet Guys

Couple Exercising Stretching at the Gym

There’s nothing that brings two people together more than bonding over how much they hate burpees.

With the being said, the gym sounds like a pretty unpredictable place to meet a guy, but more people have found love than one would think.

Going to the gym means tossing on some workout clothes, forgetting your make-up, and caring less about who you could see. Although this is the complete opposite of other dating scenes, like the bars for instance, it makes meeting someone less stressful.

No, meeting someone at the gym doesn’t mean striking up a conversation mid-run with the guy next to you, but may be in the form of a group fitness class.

According to an article on Well & Good, the kind of class you take matters when it comes to meeting someone. Whether it’s a bootcamp, boxing class, or Crossfit training, high-intensity, interactive classes may be the go-to spot next time you’re looking for a hook up.

We’ve narrowed down some workouts to take into consideration when you’re ready to mingle. Not only will these workouts whip you into shape, you may find your next love interest sweating right next to you.

  • Bootcamp: Forget barre class (unless you’re looking for ladies sporting the latest Lululemon). Whether it’s a local bootcamp in a park, or a group bootcamp at your local gym, men are more likely to participate in this type of workout. Brian Pedone, founder of Workout Mingle, said that bootcamps may create group competition, which then fosters interaction.
  • Group cycling: Nothing releases endorphins more than pedaling to high-intensity music in a dimly lit room. Seriously. Group cycling is a fantastic way to meet someone because it allows flirtation to transpire.
  • Boxing: This class is probably a good mixture of both men and women. Next time you’re looking for a high-intensity workout, bring a girlfriend and some boxing gloves. Typically people are partnered off in classes like this, allowing you to mingle while working up a sweat.
  • CrossFit: Plenty of love stories have emerged over the past few years, attributing CrossFit to the reason they met. A specific story in Well & Good talks about how CrossFit allows you to bond while doing hard workouts. Testing your mental and physical capacity while working out with someone allows you to let people see a side of you they may not otherwise see. Workouts, such as CrossFit, reveal the type of personality you have and allows you to show off your adventurous side during the sessions.

The atmosphere in a workout setting is important, but the type of workout you participate in says something about the type of person you are. Not to put down any lighter exercises, like barre, pilates or yoga, but high-intensity group classes attracts people that are up for a challenge and may be more adventurous. Participating in these classes may throw some spice into an otherwise dull, estrogen-filled workout regime.

Meeting someone at a workout also allows them to see you at your worst. And let’s be real ladies, if they can put up with that, they can put up with just about anything.

How do you meet new people at the gym?

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  1. Ha, I don’t. I can’t stand gyms. If I am getting a workout not at home it is either at ballet class (not a place to meet guys) or hiking which is quite social.


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