3 Ways To Kick Your Habits In Time For The New Year

New year, new me. A beloved expression many share at the start of a new year. However, many resolutions made in January rarely stick. Trying to include something new into your routine because it is a new year can sometimes have the opposite effect.

Many of the habits that we want to kick are achievable before the new year. However, you do not have to wait till the new year to break old habits. They can be done now with the help of some of these tactics.

Have A Specific Plan In Place

Setting vague and restrictive goals can confuse when the goal is reached. Working out more, eating healthier or spending less time on your phone are big goals because they are not specific. Instead of setting grand goals, aim to be more specific and set smaller goals. For instance, if you want to work out more, set a goal for working out once or twice a week. Once this has become part of your routine, then you can consider adding a day.

To reduce the time spent on your phone, set yourself a time for when you turn your phone off or put it down. It could be setting yourself a goal of not going on your phone after 8 or 9 in the evening. Having these specific goals can help you to hold more accountable. It reduces the grey areas and minimizes the chances of you modifying your goals.

You Do Not Have To Do It Alone

Breaking some habits can be done on your own, especially with a bit of dedication and effort. However, some traits might require a bit of additional support to help you through. It could be asking a friend to do workouts or go on walks with you. You can both encourage each other to set dates to exercise and push each other during each session.

If you were looking to lose weight, many will either set themselves a meal plan or choose to go with a programm such as the Cambridge Diet. There are other alternatives that many prefer, which come at a lower cost. Some also have lower calories, such as this one shown in this comparison. Having a diet plan tailored for you can help you in reaching your goal of losing weight. It can also help you in kicking any food habits you have.

Be Patient With Yourself

Trying to break a habit is tough. It is something that will not happen overnight. As such, be prepared to be patient with yourself when results do not come as quickly as you had initially hoped. When you have those moments where you slip up, reflect on what happened and look at how you can avoid repeating it. Doing this instead of beating yourself up could help you in continuing to break your old habits.

Say Goodbye To Old Habits

The thought of eating healthier, working out more and spending less time on social media, in theory, sounds simple. In practice, many find it harder to apply their new habit to their life. However, kicking old habits might be easier said than done, although it is not impossible.

By starting with small changes you want to make, you can slowly break off the bad habits. Implementing these strategies could help you set good habits in time for the new year. Then, you can start the new year fresh, building on your goals.


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