10 Yoga Stretches for Planes, Trains, and Buses

This post was originally published on Travel Freak and is republished here with permission. 

There is no doubt about it…traveling can be flat out uncomfortable. You take on new aches and pains that your body does not appreciate, relax for a few days and then cramp up again. And the holidays are even worse. More people, more crowds = more stress on top of the cramped spaces we contort your body to for the sake of the beach. But now you can take on the bus, train or plane and feel good (mentally and physically) when you walk out of your mode of transportation with a bit of bathroom yoga.

Thanks to Travel Freak for opening or yogi-loving eyes.

I’m very tall and about 85 percent gam. These long, luxurious dancer’s legs are a blessing in everyday life, but when I have to cram them into an airplane seat for hours at a time they seem like more of a curse. Not only do I always get stuck behind a child who doesn’t understand that their seat has stopped reclining because it is bashing into my knees, but thanks to well-meaning clippings from Prevention magazine that my grandmother sends me, I’m also terrified that keeping my getaway sticks stationary for to long will absolutely lead to deep vein thrombosis.

Thankfully, the good people at Greatist have compiled this infographic of yoga poses that can be done in the bathrooms of planes, trains, and buses to alleviate some of the inevitable lower body tension. Being in my 20s and living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I’m pretty much required to have a basic knowledge of yoga, so there’s nothing stopping me from trying out these poses on my next long flight. Unless, of course, my legs are too long to hoist in the tiny lavatory space. See? Curse!

Would you ever try bathroom yoga? What is the craziest place you have gotten your Om on?

Feature image via CNNGo


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