10 Heart-Shaped Recipes for Valentine’s Day


10 Heart-Shaped Recipes for Valentine's Day

Every year my husband and I forgo the V-Day crowds and cook a special meal at home where we can celebrate the two of us. We try to create something beyond the norm that is extra special and usually involves a collaborative 3-course menu. It has become a tradition that we never want to stop.

This Valentine’s Day at home I thought we would get a little cutesy and create a meal that focuses on the shape of February: the heart. Cheesy, I know but once the search for heart-shaped food started I couldn’t stop.

Cook your way to a healthy heart with these heart-inspired recipes that will have you loading up on fiber, antioxidants and omega-3’s…food from the heart, for the heart!

1. Roasted Heart Potatoes from Haniela’s

Now these make us smile from ear to ear and you can be sure your sweetheart will feel the same.

Heart Shaped Roasted Potatoes

2. V-Day Soup and Sandwich Combo from Make Myself at Home

Red soup and a heart-shaped grilled cheese…that is the way to our heart.

heart shaped grilled cheese

3. Heart-Shaped Beet Salad from Dandelion Vegan Blog

Okay, even a beet hater has to love how beautiful this is.

Heart Beet Salad

4. Four Cheese Ravioli from Annie Eats

Each ravioli is clearly made with love!

Heart Shaped Ravioli

5. Heart-Shaped Fruit from oh! desserts

Serve these adorable fruit bites with a bit of chocolate and you have the perfect, healthy treat to end your V-Day.

Heart Shaped Watermelon

6. Valentine’s Day Egg in the Basket from Reclaiming Provincial

Good morning, my love! We adore the simplicity of this V-Day breakfast.

Valentine's Day Egg in the Basket

7. Chicken Parmesan with Heart Pepperoni from My Name is Snickerdoodle

Giving the classic Italian dish a touch of love.

Chicken Parmesan with Heart Pepperoni

8. Heart-Shaped Sushi from Babble

How cute are these heart-shaped rolls of brown rice, nori and carrots? It is like Morimoto asked us to be his Valentine.

Heart Shaped Sushi

9. Mini Margarita Heart Pizzas from Susie Davis

Nothing says “I love you” like a heart shaped pizza.

mini heart shaped pizza

10. Ice Cream Sandwich Hearts on a Stick from The 36th Avenue

Having a heart cookie cutter needs to be a household essential if you can create things like this beautiful, loving dessert.

Ice Cream Sandwich Hearts

Which one of these recipes are you most excited to make? What are your Valentine’s Day Plans?



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