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canyon ranch

 What do you look for in a vacation destination? Do you want to be among the trees, or relaxing on the beach? No matter what kind of traveler you are, Canyon Ranch has a spot for you.

Imagine a resort with endless activities, a state of the art gym, delicious health conscious restaurants, a gorgeous spa and other fantastic services all dedicated to you and your healthy lifestyle. Canyon Ranch is the ideal destination for any vacationer looking to unwind, de-stress, eat well, live well and be pampered.

When we visited Canyon Ranch not too long ago, we headed down to Miami to enjoy the CR lifestyle with some sun on the side. After a few days of going to yoga class, relaxing in the spa, having one-on-one time with nutritionists, eating amazing healthy food, and having some beach time, we did not want to leave. This resort really embraces the revitalizing goal of vacation, and you will return home feeling better than ever.

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Whether you are a fitness junkie and want to keep it up over your break, or someone looking for advice on how to start a healthier lifestyle, Canyon Ranch has something for you. No matter your goal, every guest will have one thing in common; the unbelievable feeling of ultimate relaxation.

Canyon Ranch has resorts in Miami, Massachusetts, Arizona, as well as spas within other hotels and cruise ships. They sell cookbooks, fitness DVDs and nutritional supplements so you can return home and keep up with your Canyon Ranch experience.

(We came home with a cookbook and even shared a recipe with our readers not too long ago!)

We highly recommend visiting one of the CR spots and hopefully we will be able to visit again soon. Who knows, maybe we’ll see you there!

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