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In the world of fitness, group workout classes are becoming increasingly more and more popular. Yoga, Pilates, Yoga-lates, Piloxing, Kickboxing, Barre, and Spinning are among the elite when it comes to most sought after fitness classes. Spinning has picked up an enormous fan following over the past few years, and a lot of that is because of spin studios. Studios like SoulCycle offer spin classes that will not only kick your butt into shape, but leave you feeling energized, satisfied, and (despite your sweat-soaked clothes and inability to feel your legs) happy.

One of the main missions of SoulCycle is to enable its clients to achieve a sense both physical and mental success. At SoulCycle, instructors lead class in such a way to ensure that people are not only physically challenged but mentally inspired as well. Each class is paired with upbeat music and fast paced routines that leave the audience always coming back for more. According to their site,

“Each SoulCycle ride delivers an intense FULL-BODY workout with a fun and energizing atmosphere. Not only do riders burn calories and get their hearts pumping, but using the SoulCycle® Method, riders also work their core and use hand weights to tone their upper bodies.”


SoulCycle was founded by Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler, two young women with an exceptional passion for fitness and well-being. They opened one small studio in New York, and the fad caught on rather quickly. Much to their surprise, the concept of SoulCycle was so sought after that studios began popping up all over New York City just to accommodate the high demand. Eventually, SoulCycle opened studios in California as well. In fact, in the upcoming fall season, SoulCycle will be opening a studio in Beverly Hills.

For more info on SoulCycle classes on the east coast, click here, and for the west coast, go here!

You can also follow SoulCycle on Twitter: @soulcycle

What are your favorite fitness classes?

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