Wellness Around the World: Big Sur’s Wellness Retreat

wellness around the world big sur wellness retreat esalen
photo credit: SteveD. via photopin cc

Have you ever seen a picture or documentary of Big Sur, California? The images are almost unreal. It will have you wondering, is heaven really a place on Earth? Well, it might just be.

Of course, we aren’t the first one’s to discover Big Sur’s natural beauty. Many have already flocked there for a peaceful and relaxing adventures, as well as to study the surrounding wildlife.

If you’re more than willing to head over to this neck of the woods in California, let us recommend The Esalen Institute. The non-profit establishment is not only known for its great location but also all that the wellness retreat has to offer such as hiking adventures, yoga, farming, breathing practices, and even art. Esalen prides itself in not only being a retreat center or educational institution but also focusing on healing and spirituality.

While many times it may seem like relaxing vacation are usually spent poolside, Esalen encourages adventuring the surrounding areas and waters, claiming that nature alone has the possible power to heal you of ailments. In addition, the sense of community at Esalen will encourage bonding and sharing. You can chose to come alone, with your couple, or even with your family, but through the group activities and amenities you are bound to meet plenty of other people on the same journey as you.

How will you be powered through all those long soaks in the hot springs or educational workshops? By making sure you’re well-fed! The Esalen Institute  has set meal times and all day snack bars filled with nutritious food, courtesy of the specialty kitchen craft team, featuring produce and herbs from the Esalen farm and garden.

Sounds like paradise doesn’t it?

Of course fitness retreats are a favorite of ours to keep us in tip top shape, however, all that goes to waste if we’re not in a positive place mentally. Esalen strives to reiterate the importance of that for a more fulfilled and balanced life.

Need anymore convincing? Please refer to picture:

wellness around the world big sur wellness retreat esalen
photo credit: dharma communications via photopin cc

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Where do you go to relax?


  1. I live right down the street from this resort… Okay, well maybe like 8 hours right down the steet, but STILL! ha ha ha!

    Where do I relax? Home of course… And when I say home, I mean HOME HOME, with my parents. That is where I turn off EVERYTHING and forget about the world and just relish the time with my family. This is why I love Thanksgiving and Christmas so much.


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