Wellbitten Wellness Tip: Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

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april 30 tip

The companionship of having a pet provides us with lots of emotional benefits, but did you know this also leads to improved health overall? The hormones that are released when you are playing with your pet improve your health, while reducing the amount of negative hormones. Pets are so much fun to have around…unless you have a pet rock.

Do you notice any other health benefits of pet ownership? What pets do you own?

Reference Best Dogs for Apartments

photo credit: MythicSeabass via photopin cc


  1. My parents and sister own dogs and I can honestly say that they are the BEST work out buddies EVER!!! They WON’T let you NOT work out – especially if you have big dogs that need a lot of exercise! Every morning my parents and sister go hiking for 2+ hours because the dogs need to release their stored up energy!


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