Weekly Bite: Romanesco Cauliflower

via food librarian
via food librarian

First look and you think, “Is that a space rock? Is it a radioactive pine cone? Alien food” We know, right? Get it away from us!

However, the Romanesco Cauliflower is farthest from “bad” as can be. As a matter of fact, it is actually good for you!  However, due to its outlandish (literally) appearance, some would rather stay far away than take a closer look. But, you know what they say… Don’t judge a book by its cover! Be fearless and read on to learn more about how and why to incorporate it into your diet.

We’re a little confused as to what to call it, though. While we have landed on “The Romanesco Cauliflower”, it has also been identified as the Roman Broccoli, Broccoflower, and Roman Cabbage. Clearly its appearance is enough to fool and confuse anyone. Regardless of its exterior, this vegetable is actually an edible flower and variant form of cauliflower originating in Italy. It was first documented in 16th century and apparently, even Thomas Jefferson was said to be a huge fan of this green. Crazy. Why have we only just heard of this?

Despite its spiky exterior, this vegetable is rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, fibre, and carotenoids that are known to act as antioxidants in the human body.

Now that you know that this “broccoflower” is truly harmless, and actually beneficial to your health, it’s only natural to want to know how to incorporate these into your weekly meal plan. Even though it only comes into season during the late fall through winter. it’s never too early to get inspired.

Here we have some great, healthy recipes you might want to bookmark for later!


  • Basic Recipe: Steamed Broccoli Romanesco Vegetable Dish via Serious Eats
  • Pasta Dish: Broccolo Romanesco a la Italiana via Ms. Adventures in Italy
  • Spicy: Broccoli Romanesco with Chili Oil via Elle Decor
  • Sauteed Take: Sauteed Roman Cauiflower with Pine Nuts and Garlic via Live to Eat
  • Cheesy: Broccoli Romanesco and Parmesan Puree via Martha Stewart
  • Fried and Fancy: Romanesco Broccoli Fritters, Parsley Dip, Pomegranate, and Radicchio Salad via Dinner at Maya’s

Have you ever tried the Romanesco Cauliflower?


  1. I’ve tried a lot of different colored broccoli and cauliflower hybrids but don’t think I’ve had this one yet. Something to look for…


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