Video on BuzzFeed Makes Us Rethink Travel

When was the last time you took a trip? It doesn’t have to be a European or Asian adventure. Just a trip where you spent time enjoying yourself instead of trying to remember what your boss said on Friday. Can’t remember? Well shame on you then. We were perusing through BuzzFeed (on a lunch break of course) and we found an inspiring video urging people to book their next trip. It gives reasons 7 good reasons why traveling is heathy for the mind, body, and soul. Some of them have scientific reasoning to back them up, and some of them just make sense, but all of them are encouraging and should be dually noted by everyone. Whether it be a small vacation or a large adventure, take time to consider the benefits of traveling on your health. It may be a good way to rationalizing spending a little money to keep your wellness strong! Check these snippets from the video for encouragement!

Experience vs. Material

You Won't Forget This for Health Benefits of Travel

The beginning of this video starts with the scientific fact that studies show money spent on travel can make a person happier in the long run. How could this not be true? Think of the number of lunches you buy in a week. Do you remember one of them as being the single greatest moment of your life? Now think about the last vacation you took. I’m willing to bet that some memory came flooding back and put a smile on your face. That smile is the exact reason why traveling somewhere new (or even old) is a benefit to your health.

The Trip Does Not Have to Be an Excursion

Short Trips for Health Benefits of Travel

That’s right. A trip is only a getaway from all the realities in your life. Taking a trip can be as simple as a weekend retreat where there is no cell phone service. The body needs time to decompress and just one weekend can do the trick.  You know the old saying, size does not matter (in most cases). Well, the same goes for the trip we will coerce you to plan after you read this. You will feel the same happy feelings post trip whether it is a month long trip or an overnighter.

Let’s Socialize

Socializing for Health Benefits of Traveling

People who travel more often feel less anxiety in life, especially in social situations. Meeting new people and understanding different perspectives on life is just one of the benefits for your mind that traveling induces. Who wouldn’t want to feel less stressed at work meetings? The empathy travel creates in the soul is one that can last for the rest of your life.


Intimacy for Health Benefits of Travel

I think I can assume correctly that if you are reading this, health is of importance to you. How many health magazines have you read in the past that proclaim intimacy as one of the number one issues among couples?  Well, that isn’t true for the couples that travel together. Reports indicate that couples who have taken trips together say they have become closer as a result. Think of any extended period of time you have spent with a loved one: you will always learn something. That something, is often the key to getting closer or rekindling the lost love.


History for Health Benefits of Travel

I think this is one of the coolest concepts on the video. Travel can change history. The video goes on to name famous people who were inspired by travel. That famous person could be you. Who knows what you can discover while traveling, but even more important than fame, travel can lead to some amazing discoveries about yourself. You’ll never know though if you don’t set out on the journey.

Cost is Not the Problem

Cost for Health Benefits of Travel

Okay, well cost could be something holding you back, but it is really you who is holding yourself back. If the ticket is the biggest expense, then start saving now. No one is claiming traveling is easy or not costly, but taking initiative in your own life to make it happen is the first step in going. If cost is the problem, then make concessions in your life to make the trip possible. Remember: it doesn’t have to be a big one!

Getting Smarter…

Travel Can Make You Smarter for Health Benefits of Traveling

If nothing else resonates with you in this article, think of getting smarter! I know from experience that traveling increases the cells in the membrane. The number of times problem solving, flexibility in conflict situations, and unexpected plan changes can happen on a trip is unfathomable, but it is what makes you brilliant. When I traveled Europe, reading signs in Czech and figuring out subway maps seemed impossible at first, but by the end of my trip I was zipping around cities with ease.

So that is that. Plan your trip because it makes you smarter and kinder and stronger in life. If  those aren’t good enough to excuses to book a trip, then you should reevaluate the pride you take in your health! Ok, that was harsh, but seriously, don’t think about planning a vacation, plan one.

Where are you going to go?


  1. I looove traveling.

    While I enjoy having nice clothes and accessories, spending money on experiences that bring you lifelong memories is so much more important to me. I actually just returned from a two week trip to Italy and it is something I will never forget. The shoes I destroyed walking around those cobblestone streets though… I will.

    I have tons of tips on my blog for staying healthy while traveling as well as how you can save money and still have a fab vacation!

  2. I’m always so paranoid about leaving town because I never know when the next important audition is around the corner. I am inspired now, to at least book some holiday plans!


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