Vacation Planning? Check Out La Coruna, Spain

Looking to travel for a week or two? I highly suggest a city on the northwest corner of Spain called La Coruna (or A Coruna) for your next vacation. The city sports wonderful beaches, local wine, and seafood making it a great place to relax and unwind from life/work stresses. People here move relatively slowly and you’d be surprised at how life can exist at a different pace than that of American city life. Here’s why you should book your ticket.

The Beaches

a-day-in-orzan-beach-la-coruna-spain(Photo via tripadvisor)

La Coruna has some of the best beaches I’ve ever seen. Whether you go during the colder months, and stroll alongside the promenade, or head there during the summer months to swim (the beaches become pretty busy in the summer months), you’re guaranteed a good time. The promenade (Paseo Maritimo) is one of the longest in Europe and as you walk along the beach, you will also pass by popular A Coruna sights such as the Aquarium and the Tower of Hercules. It’s a super nice walk that’ll leave you rejuvenated and refreshed. In the summer, the beaches are popular not only with families but also with surfers.

bonfires-la-coruna-beach(Photo via telegraph)

Wine and Dine

Shellfish supper,  in LA CORUNA(Photo via theguardian)

La Coruna is also know for tasty fresh seafood and delicious wine. In Spain, dinner can be a three-hour marathon with several courses and wine before the meal. It’s a nice but sometimes disconcerting experience when you’re used to the impatient fast food culture in the states. When you go for dinner there remember to specifically inquire about the local wine. Some of the smaller restaurants actually carry the local wine in traditional wine barrels so it’s really cool to watch the waiter serve it. The food itself is really seafood-heavy…therefore low in fat! Everything is really tasty and you’d be surprised at the size of the local crustaceans.

The Sights

la-coruna-hercules-tower(Photo via hotelmontemar)

Sightseeing is a great way to burn calories and exercise while exploring a new city. Luckily La Coruna has plenty of nice things to see. Besides walking along the promenade, you can check out the Aquarium Finisterre to view Atlantic Ocean marine species. You can also visit the beautiful Maria Pita Square and the Tower of Hercules, a Roman era lighthouse that is also a UNESCO heritage site.

Would you go to La Coruna for a vacation?


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