Tranquil Travel: Your Guide to Sedona, Arizona

For the most part, vacations are wonderful.  You get to take a break from work, be carefree for a little while, relax, and ideally have fun.  Unfortunately, vacations aren’t always so picture perfect.  Whether you are worried about your kids causing a scene or gaining 10 pounds after a week of eating delicious food and not exercising, vacations are often not as peaceful as they should be.  If you want to combine the best of both worlds and relax while still staying healthy and fit, there are plenty of vacation destinations all over the world that should satisfy all of your vacation needs.

Sedona may be located in the vast desert that is the state of Arizona, but if you are looking for a travel spot that offers stunning scenery and ample opportunities to keep yourself fit and refreshed while you vacation, Sedona may be your oasis. With resorts, spas, and fantastic hiking trails abound, planning a Sedona vacation will leave you overwhelmed with wellness excitement.  It is also much closer to some of Arizona’s major tourist stops, like the Grand Canyon, than other big cities like Phoenix.  Here are some of our suggestions for the perfect Sedona trip, but don’t forget to just take in the beautiful dessert landscapes.

Where to Stay:

L’Auberge de Sedona

L'Auberge Sedona creek relaxation

One of the major draws of Sedona are the breathtaking red rock formations, and if you stay at this resort, you will be rewarded with amazing views of some of the famous rock formations.  The resort is also located on the banks of a creek, which cools off the temperature and provides guests with another type of beautiful scenery. Complete with great dining, a spa, and according to reviews, a great staff, you really never have to leave the resort (But you probably should anyway).

Sugar Loaf Lodge

Sugar Loaf Lodge

There’s no denying that luxury resorts are amazing, but unfortunately they aren’t in everyone’s price range, especially if you want to have plenty of money to spend on activities, like a spa day and a few delicious meals.  The Sugar Loaf Lodge, with prices as low as $60 a night is perfect for budget travelers.  And according to reviews, it isn’t a sleazy motel, but a clean and comfortable place to stay.

 What to Do:

Have a Spa Day.  There is no denying that treating yourself to a spa day is one of the best things you can do to get yourself feeling relaxed and refreshed.  Whether you prefer a massage or other treatments, it is virtually impossible to leave a spa without feeling like a new person.  Many Sedona spas embrace the red rocks and desert surroundings, and offer spa treatments that embrace these surroundings, such as by using plants that grow in the Southwest in their treatments.  Here are two great Sedona spas, each being on a different end of the budget spectrum.

Mii Amo Spa

Mii Amo Spa Treatment

The Mii Amo Spa at the Enchantment Resort is classified as a World Class resort and spa, so you know that by spending a day here you will be giving yourself the royal treatment.  In addition to separate treatments, you can also buy a “journey package” and stretch your spa adventure over a few days.  True Bliss.

Sedona’s New Day Spa

Sedona's new day spa

If you want to experience all of the relaxation Sedona has to offer, but don’t want your whole trip to be spent at a spa or blow your entire life savings, New Day Spa is perfect for trying out a unique southwest spa treatment, like a Sedona clay mask.  And best part, there’s a $10 coupon on their website.

If you want to relax a little more actively, Sedona is the perfect place to go for a hike, if you can brave the heat.  You don’t see red rocks like these in too many other places.

Pink jeep tour
(Photo credit – me. Pink Jeep Tour not for the faint of heart)

If hiking is your thing, check out this website for advice on the best trails, and how to stay safe in the desert heat. If walking isn’t totally your thing, but you still want to explore, definitely check out a Pink Jeep Tour.  The guides are great, and they take you right into the rocks.  You can’t beat the views.

Have you relaxed in Sedona?


  1. I didn’t know about Sedona until I passed through it on the way to the Grand Canyon (this was in 1996) and I wished I had the time to stop for a while. Next time!


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