Top 8 Kitchen Gadgets For the Healthy Foodie


Technology seems to surround us in every facet of life, and food & fitness is no exception. Whether it’s a heart rate monitor or a state of the art blender, there is no doubt that all you health nuts are constantly on the look out for the latest and greatest. Heck, we are guilty of it too. While Garmin watches, fitbit, and Nike + are all recognizable, we stand by our stance that a body is built in the kitchen. By maintaining a healthy diet, shedding pounds has the potential to be as easy as pie (and as tasty). However, a lot of times people get stuck making the same recipes over and over againwhich eventually leads to boredom. How to spice things up? Kitchen gadgets! These tools will make it fun to cook again and get you excited to try new (and healthy) recipes.

1. The Basics | OXO Good Grips


Before you start collecting kitchen gadgets, make sure you have the basics. This set has everything from spatulas to pizza cutters. Even if you only had these items, you would probably be good to go, but what’s the fun in that?

2. Blender | Vitamix


Any healthy foodie could go starry eyed just thinking about the Vitamix. While, yes, it is very expensive ranging at about the $500 mark (for a blender, mind you), it is bound to change your life. Its super strength and high speeds can crush and puree through almost anything. Make a breakfast smoothie in the morning and make your own peanut butter later on. You won’t even need a food processor when you purchase this beaut.

3. Spiralizer | Paderno


My spiralizer has been one of my cheaper, yet more fruitful, investments. You have probably seen recipes calling for zucchini noodles, right? This is how to get those perfect ringlets. Costing less than forty bucks, you will get multiple “blades” and a lifetime of recipe inspiration. Craving pasta? Make veggie pasta instead. We promise that with the perfect sauce you won’t even tell.

4. Multi Chopper | Nicer Dicer


Is this necessary? Probably not. Fun? Definitely. Slice and dice nearly anything from apples to kiwis with this intricate chopping kit. It will make your life easier.

5. Dehydrator | Nesco


Dehydrators are perfect for making dried fruit and veggie snacks. If you are afraid of making a mess whenever you bring your healthy snacks to work in a ziploc bag, fear no more. Dehydrate  chopped apples to add to your trail mix, zucchini slices to dip in hummus, and apricots… just because they’re delicious! Endless snacking is promised here.

6. Juicer | Breville


Juicers are great for creating that silky smooth, cold pressed-like juice. While they are a pain and a half to clean up, they are great for creating batch juices. Freeze it up and reuse!

7. Ice Pop Maker | Zoku


It’s basically spring (ok, wishful thinking) and that means we can finally start expecting warmer weather. And, we all know what warmer weather means… ice cream! Make your healthy versions at home using this ice pop maker. Your cravings for the unhealthy stuff will surely be limited.

8. Personal Blender | Nutribullet


Finally, a big excuse that many people have when it comes to skipping breakfast is that they “don’t have the time”. To that we say, alright, but we we won’t take it as our final answer. The nutribullet is perfect for those who only have time to blend and go with limited-to-no mess involved. Throw in a banana, kale, almond milk, and 1 TBSP of almond butter and you’re good to go.

What kitchen gadgets are in your arsenal?

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  1. The Spiralizer is my LIFE!!! It’s phenomenal!! Phenomenal I tell you. The one thing on this list that is very much over rated is the VitaMix. I have a KitchenAid that works wonders, I don’t see why VitaMix is all that phenomenal! It’s just so expensive!


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