Too Hot to Run? Work Out for Free if it’s 90 Degrees!

Let’s be real, it is really hot on the east coast right now. No matter how health-conscious we try to stay during the heat, it gets to a certain point where even the healthiest of them all steps outside and goes “oh hell nah, I’m not jogging in this heat.” Luckily for you everyone, Greatist let everyone know that the “sports clubs” are letting anyone work out for free in air-conditioning if it’s over 90 degrees! Yep, if it’s 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and you still want to get your sweat on (or utilize some free AC) the sports clubs have got you covered!

According to Greatist, all you have to do is walk in and say “heat wave promotion” and you will get to stay fit, while not simultaneously dying of a heat-stroke. Town Sports International Holdings, is the operator of the New York Sports club, among others! The deal lasts from July 18 until August 31, which is pretty impressive seeing as how they didn’t really have to do this promotion at all. While the promotion will certainly give good press to the sports clubs, they do seem to have a ‘good heart’ overall. Greatist reports that in 2011 a similar promotion took place and the NYSC also opened it’s doors to those without power (or showers) during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

The fine print is available pretty below, which pretty much states you can’t get a free workout when you’re coming home from the office, but it sounds like a pretty good deal either way:

“Chill out at any club with a free workout whenever the temperature hits 90°. Even if sculpting the perfect body doesn’t interest you, come in for the free air conditioning. Excludes Mon-Thu, 5:30pm-7:30pm and outdoor pools. Must be 18 and have a photo ID”

All sports clubs seem to be participating, so it seems like a pretty swell idea to us. Check out the website for the sports club in your city and get your sweaty self over to enjoy a free air-conditioned workout.

Will you be taking advantage of the heat this summer?

photo credit: Kramchang via photopin cc



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